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Meetings start 7:00pm; finish 9:15pm.

Scouts should wear full Uniform,

Unless the Programme says otherwise

See the Group Contacts Page for Leaders Details

Can we remind you that Meetings START at 7:00 so please be there in good time. Please let us know if your Scout will not be attending a Meeting, this helps us considerably with planning equipment, food, transport etc. more efficiently.

Lots of you seem to have stopped doing this. A text is all that's needed.

Remember to bring a waterproof coat to ALL meetings, so we can be outside if we need to be.

Programme - Keep checking for updates and changes





Dec - 19


Christmas Party - Come in ‘Christmas Jumpers’ or anything you like.

We have an ‘American Supper’ as each Patrol provides a something different.

Cobra - Something Sweet; mince pies, cake, chocolate biscuits…

Eagle - Something Savoury; sandwiches, picnic eggs, cheese cubes on a stick, mini pork pies…

Tiger - Some Nibbles; Crisps, Twiglets, Pringles….

Wolf - Something to drink; Coke, Lemonade, Fanta, Flavoured water….


Dec - 26


No Meeting - Boxing Day


Jan - 02


Film Night - There may be pop and popcorn…..


Jan - 09


Indoor Winter Sports


Jan - 16


Ace of Spades - learn some new card games for Frostie Camp


Jan - 23/25


Frostie Camp ’15 - Fox Coverts - Cost will be 25 - further details soon

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New Patrol List October 2014

Summer Camp Pictures from Gradbach

Pictures of the Scouts at Camps and In Action


CSA Gold Award


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Recipes from our Cooking Nights

Mobile Phones at Scouts

We have been having increasing problems with the use of mobile phones at Scouts. While we understand that there are occasions where Scouts may need to bring a mobile phone with them to Scout meetings and other events, this should be on a ‘need to' basis. From June 3rd we will be operating a system similar to that which we adopt for knives.

On arrival at Scouts, any mobiles will be collected and stored safely and securely by the Leaders, to be returned at the end of the meeting or activity. We don't feel that texting or playing games on mobiles or other hand held devices are compatible with the sort of activities we do at Scout meetings. We would also like to remind you that mobiles are not covered by our insurance, and any damage to them would be at your own risk.

We hope that you will support us in this, but if you have any questions or would like to discuss this with us please contact any of the Leaders at a Scout Meeting, or directly.